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  Description: 1.5lb hammers perfect for beginner and master blacksmiths of any breed. These are entirely hand crafted from 4150 and should never see much wear as they are quenched and tempered to around 54-58 Rockwell. Each features one flat dye face with softly smoothed edged as to not gnarl your workpiece while planishing, and one aggressively rounded dye face to handle most fullering and contour forming of hot metal. They come with a black walnut handle and the hammer head has a traditional blacksmith's finish; blackened and rust prevented with a two part process involving low heat, johnson's paste wax, and boiled linseed oil. no power tools are used in the process of making these hammers, other than one quick wire brushing on a bench grinder. They are hand punched, hand drifted, hand fullered, hand filed, and hand sanded. The handles are hand cut, drawn, and sanded as well. Many hours of manual labor go into making sure these beauties are PERFECT before reaching the customer, and I enjoy every moment of the process.

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